Monday, March 31, 2014

Grumpy Old Lady Time

It's time for a grumpy old lady rant.  For the last couple of months it has been hit or miss as to whether I could get my B-12 shot that I need each month because of a medical condition I have.  The doctor's office has been unable to get enough vials of it to meed their needs.  So the last 2 months I'd taken another shot that contains some B-12, not as much as I should have, but enough to keep me going.
This weekend I tried to track down why my mail order (this is through the military) pharmacy hadn't sent me my Lipitor that my Doctor had called for back in January.  Turns out it too is out of stock and has been for more than 3 months.
These are not esoteric, seldomly used medications, in fact Lipitor is one of the most prescribed medications in the US.
The online pharmacy told me to go back to my doctor and have him send a prescription to a local pharmacy that might have the medication, so that's what I did, but I'm not happy.
Went online to find out how big a problem out of stock medications have become and this is what I found:

Drug shortages have been commonplace for years, but the problem has grown more serious at hospitals and Emergency Medical Service agencies. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 56 drug shortages were reported in 2006; by 2011, the number had climbed to 251. The FDA's list includes drugs that have "the greatest impact on public health."
I then went to look at the current list of drug shortages and it was staggering and scary.
Lots of reasons why:  fewer manufacturers, quality control, product recalls, increased demand, lack of raw materials.

I also learned that most of the quality control issues are with generic drugs-----haven't they been telling us for years that they're just as good as the name brands?

So lots of reasons for the shortages, but all I know is that the medical services and medications use to work well, expensive perhaps, but worth it.  Now it doesn't work as well and at least for us it's more expensive, I'm not a happy lady.


  1. I hope you get your prescriptions for the B shot and the lipitor filled smoothly from now on. That is bad news about the drug shortages you describe.

  2. Our medications is always a big issue. Thanks goodness we have not experienced your story.

    Hopefully it will stay that way, and you will be able to get yours soon!

  3. won't believe it, but I thought that said LIQUOR...I am an old lady who needs glasses!
    Do you notice that anything to do with the medical profession is in need of great improvement, but it is happening when so many baby boomers need the most care!

  4. That is worrying I hope you get your proper medication soon. In the UK not so long ago a breast cancer drug I was on was being exported rather than kept in this country, for financial reasons.

  5. Gosh I hope they fill that soon. My grandpa used to have those (the B12) and he was ready and rearing to go anywhere afterwards.


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