Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Glorious Day

Wisteria on the Garden Fence
It is indeed a glorious day, bright sunshine, gentle breeze and our daughter will be here in a few hours.  Her boxes have been shipped off to Japan, yesterday was her last day of work at her old job and she's driving down from Maryland.
She's staying with us for about a week before making her move to Japan.  We're very proud of her, moving to Japan has been her dream for years and she never gave up on it.  Now she'll be starting the next chapter in her life, that's exciting.
She's bringing her kitty with her, Yohji, he'll be staying with us until she finds an apartment that allows pets.  Her new  job has found her an apartment for now, but it doesn't allow pets.  We've told Miss Kitty that her cousin is coming to visit, but  I'm not sure how thrilled she is, she's use to being an only cat.    He'll live upstairs and she'll live anywhere she wants, after all she owns this place or thinks she does.
Miss Kitty Surveying Her Garden


  1. Good luck to your daughter!
    And enjoy each other for the time that you will have together before she leaves!
    Hope the two kitties get along, I know how cats can be! :-)

  2. Thank you for your kind comment on my latest post, I was very touched to read it. Good luck with the kitties.

  3. I've said before but I do admire your daughter for going after her dream and achieving it!


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