Thursday, April 10, 2014

Long Day

Up WAY too early today, our daughter's flight to Japan was this morning.  It was a tearful good-bye, we're happy for her, but we'll miss her so much.  She has to fly from Savannah, to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Seattle and from Seattle to Tokyo.  Her last Tweet, 2 hours ago, said she was onboard in Seattle and waiting to take off, she'll still have nearly a 10  hour flight ahead of her.
Her kitty is here with us, so far he and Miss Kitty have not come to no blows, just a few hisses and tails fluffed up.  He's staying upstairs, which is what we figured would happen and Miss Kitty goes up to bug him ever so often.  Today she went up and used his cat box, ate his food and all but blew a raspberry at him.  He didn't seem too upset so that's good.
Mac is already scouring the airlines for flights to Japan, we  can't go this year, we already have several trips scheduled and she'll be back at Christmas.  But we'll definitely be going over next year, maybe in the Spring.


  1. It must be hard letting her go, but planning trips always helps the time pass.

    I got a chuckle with the cat story...I'm sure they will become friends ~ in time!!!

    When I flew to my daughter in OR I landed in Seattle for a short time, and then on to Medford. Out of the way...but that's how they do it.

  2. Hope she has a great trip. And I'm sure the cats will work out their differences - in no time they'll be bathing each other and taking naps together. :)

    Lovely header!

  3. Spring is a lovely time to be there, you can catch the cherry blossom festival. It's an awful long way. I'm slightly dreading my son wanting to settle there. So far he is just on a year out for his studies and so will be back in the summer. Does your daughter speak Japanese? I expect she does, but what a tough language to learn. I barely managed thank you, yes and good morning!


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