Saturday, April 26, 2014

Well At Least I Know Why I Hurt

We went out dancing last night like we've been threatening to for months.  When we first retired and moved here nearly 11 years ago we felt like we'd been let out of prison and we went out 3 or 4 nights a week.  I don't remember it hurting quite so much, either it didn't hurt or we went so often our bodies were numb.
Doing that much dancing we met a lot of bands and became friends with more than a few of them.  That's who we went to see last night, a band we've known forever.  Great band, they play mainly Southern Rock, think Leonard Skinner, Allman Brothers, with some Journey, Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones thrown in.  We had quite a workout, it felt good to move that much.
Of course this morning my poor old bones and muscles are whistling a different tune----You Always Hurt the One You Love.  But it was worth it and if the weather stays this nice we just might do it again.

On another note, my vacuum cleaner is so full of cat hair (our short-haired Miss Kitty was bad enough, but now with Yohji--Himalayan?) that it no longer hums, it purrs.
Look at this book I found, do you really think people do this?


  1. Sounds as though you had a good time anyway:) Some people may craft with cat hair but \i'm not one of them!!

  2. Yikes! All I ever did with cat hair was throw it away.

    The night of dancing sounds like great fun ... I think you should do it more often. Things would have to loosen up eventually, right? :)


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