Monday, April 21, 2014

Just Plain Lazy

Sat down a dozen times to blog last week  and didn't have the energy to do it.  It rained for days here, we got more than 3 inches over the Easter weekend, if the bunny hid any eggs I assure you they floated away.
I looked through the cupboards to find my food dye so I could color my eggs on Saturday and discovered I had no food coloring.  Mac suggested I use some of my craft paints to color them, so I did, not very successfully, but at least they were colored.  I made sure none of the egg shells were cracked, didn't want paint getting to the eggs.
On Sunday I deviled the eggs, they were great with the lamb and roast veggies, and then fresh strawberry shortcake to finish it off.
It's the first Easter we've had without our daughter in a long time, that made it a little sad.  We Skyped with her Saturday evening, still getting use to her being 13 hours ahead of us, so if we call in the evening it's morning there.
Beautiful sunshine today, finally got to get outside and plant some flowers we got last week. The ground it saturated, hope we don't have any more rain for awhile.

Looking out the window last week we saw a young deer in our backyard nibbling away on the weeds that pass for grass there.  We told him he was welcome to them.
Then we were out looking at our roses in the front yard, they'd been putting on a spectacular show, but not any more.  The deer had eaten our rose buds!  We found chewed off stems and deer prints, not good.  Mac had to spray them with deer spray, here's hoping that will slow them down.



  1. I think that's quite clever to use your craft paint for your eggs, they look lovely.

    Your menu makes me drool as I love lamb but this year had to be flexible with my daughter losing her FIL, so family plans were changed.

    Just Don and I alone for the first time since we had kids, but it turned out very lovely with Church, a nice lunch, and a ball game.

  2. I saw the rain in your area on the golf at Hilton Head - there was definitely a lot of it! Must say it was nice watching the golf and thinking 'I've been there'!

  3. The eggs look nice. We did not bother to paint ours as we ate them freshly boiled and hot :)

  4. Oh your poor roses!
    I've been wondering how your daughter was getting on, I wonder how lots of my "blog friends" are doing when I'm dashing about with the kids then forget to actually ask when I have a minute at home!
    I hope she's having the time of her life, I'm sure you're missing her loads though.


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