Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Rather Mixed Sunday

We had our first Skype call with our daughter today, we started it, then she called us.  It was so extroidinary, I know I'm a  low tech soul (my smart phone will hardly talk to me---I guess because I never play games with it and that hurts its feelings) and that Skype has been around forever or at least since 2003 when it was it was started by 2 Danes and 2 Estonians before it was sold to Microsoft for $8.5 billion dollars, but we'd never used it before.   It felt very Star Treky talking visually to someone over 7,000 miles away.  And better yet for free, I love it.
So I was feeling so 21st century, went out to mow the lawn, got a Wisteria vine wrapped around my neck and thought I'd garroted myself.  No real harm done, but it sure made me feel stupid, just when I thought I was so clever.  You never expect your perennials to turn on you in quite so spectacular a manner.
Then it was time for lunch, roasted chicken quarters with roast potatoes and brussel sprouts. We ate lunch while watching the Masters, a beautiful day in Augusta as it was here.
All in all a pretty good day.


  1. You really have to watch those wisteria, they choke the life out of trees too! ;-)
    We have used Skype too for speaking to family in England, I just tell them that Skype adds at least 10 pounds! HA!
    That chicken looks good and the weather in Georgia this weekend WAS wonderful! xx

  2. better watch out for that Wisteria...Did you make it mad or something???

    We love Skype as our newest grandchild is in Oregon, and we can't visit often..He's 10 months and now we can watch his cute antics.

  3. Ooh, "garroted" is such a sinisterly cool word! But not a pleasant one. I am glad you survived the Attack of the Wisteria.

    We watched a bit of the Masters yesterday with my dad ... it looks so WARM and GREEN there! :)

  4. P.S. One night in the hospital Dad was mixing up his words ... he said he "drank a whole can of Skype" with his supper. Then he said, "I probably should have ordered Skype Zero instead." Brain surgery can do funny things.... :)

    So glad you got to talk to / see your daughter! Hope she's enjoying herself there.


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