Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trying to Get Myself Going

Finally got my B-12 shot last week, boy, what a convoluted process.  The doctor sent a prescription to our pharmacy, I had to pick it up, take it to their Minute Clinic, give them a complete medical history, find out they couldn't give it in the hip (company policy) and took it in my thigh.  Hoped it would increase my energy, but so far it hasn't, probably have to have couple of them before I'm feeling back up to speed.
Our flower garden is starting to look good, still a few more plants to put in.  It's quite warm today, supposed to get to about 84┬║  so I won't be outside a lot.
My Easter Lilies bloomed, just a couple of days late, but they do look pretty spectacular.

Happy Earth Day, I'm doing my part to make things greener.


  1. I've never seen a red Easter Lily. Love it. Yes, you can see the green coming around on this Earth Day.

    Hope you shot takes hold soon and your feeling better and getting back your energy.

  2. It's great to see everything greening and growing isn't it? Hope your B-12 shot kicks in soon, these things usually take a while to get into your system.

  3. I have to have b12 jabs too, blimey, they don't have sting, don't they? Hope it kicks in soon.

  4. No lilies in my garden . I love them but the leaves get eaten by lily beetles


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