Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Saturday in May

Eyes swollen, check, nose running, check, ant bites, check, dirt on face and hands, checks, mosquito bite where I didn't get enough bug spray, check, a  typical day in a May garden.  Went out to get the last of the Impatiens in the side garden and to finish weeding out the veggie/herb bed.  Beautiful day, not quite so hot, a few clouds, a bit of a breeze, how nice.


  1. Sorry about all the bug bites. Check. Happy you have a beautiful day. check.

    I did get a chuckle from your post...good writing.

  2. Ouch, those mosquitoes are awful, I know. For many years they didn't bite me, must be something different with my body now, they really dive straight for me!


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