Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rainy Thursday

Won't complain about the weather (even though it's been raining off and on forever and the humidity has got to be around 1,000%) because compared to the rest of the south we've gotten off easy.  My heart goes out to those poor people.  I don't think I could live where tornadoes are a regular occurrence,  I'd have to move.  We've kicked around the idea of moving to southern Florida, but the thought of hurricanes and tornadoes puts us right off the idea.
Saw where Bob Hoskins died yesterday, always enjoyed him.  I think my favorite role of his was as Vivian Van Damm,  Judi Dench's stage manager in Mrs. Henderson Presents.  Great little movie if you've never seen it.
This week was time for our semi-annual doctor visits---hate going to the doctor.  We get along so well with our doctor that he sees us both at the same time and that's good.  For some reason my blood pressure was sky high, but he didn't get upset (my doctor in California use to have a hissy fit when my pressure went up and tell me I was going to stroke out, which of course made my pressure go even higher), he just told me to relax, take my pressure at home for a couple of days and keep track of the numbers.  Which is what I did and of course it's been fine since then.
We got tired of wanting DVD's that are available in the  UK, but being unable to watch them on our American DVD players, different format, so I broke down and bought a region-free DVD player.  Bored in the rain yesterday Mac hooked it up to our tv and it worked perfectly.  Of course ordering DVDs from Britain is expensive, so I will get foreign ones from Amazon and stock up when we're in England this summer.
Finished 2 really different books this week, the first was the very short and funny Candide by Voltaire (I'd been meaning to read  it for years), enjoyed it very much.  The other was of course very different, the more than 1,000 page Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson, the continuation of his Stormlight Chronicles.  I enjoy his writing very much, though I about got a hernia from lugging the book around the last couple of weeks.
I need to head upstairs and do some sewing, all my pants have gotten so big since I've lost weight that they will hardly stay up.  Yesterday I was able to take a pair off without unbuttoning or unzipping them they were so baggy.


  1. Glad that you've escaped the worst of the storms, it's been really bad in many areas hadn't it? I have the same problem with DVDs except in reverse - I want to buy US ones when I'm over there but know there's no point because I can't watch them in the UK!

  2. Rowen, through Amazon we bought a region free DVD player, it will play DVDs from anywhere and it was only $38. All the directions are in Spanish and we think it originated in Spain, had to use a plug converter on it.

  3. I have been catching up on your lovely posts and enjoying very much the diversity of subject matter. I am glad you live in a 'safe' area. It was sad hearing of Bob Hoskin's death, I will get that film out you recommend.

  4. Oh my gosh Bob Hoskins died? You just feel as though he would go on forever. He did such a good job with any role didn't he/ The goodies and the baddies


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