Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fruits of the Garden

Don't quibble, yes I know beans are veggies, but it just doesn't have the same ring to it.  Anyway, we've been eating the produce from our garden for more than a month.  It started with Sugar Snap Peas, then small, red potatoes and now it's beans.  The Spanish call them Fava Beans, Mac's Dad always called them Horse Beans and when I order the seeds I order English Broad Beans---a rose by any other name I guess.
We've been eating the beans for a couple of weeks and they're nearly through.  They can't take the heat here and will soon start to die.  Mac plants them in the Fall and they winter over beginning to produce usually by March.  They are so good.
Our potatoes are growing in tubs as are the tomatoes and lettuce, it's easier to keep them watered that way.   Mac says the peppers are doing well too and that's scary because the freezer is still full of peppers from last year.
I need to go out and plant some more Begonias in the shade and have Mac put my Impatiens in the flower box that hangs out front.  He'll probably spend the day out there puttering about, I'll find something cooler to do.
Going to be very hot today, around 91º, glad my walk and exercise are done, any later and I'd have to do my exercising in a cold shower.  Mac has been working on getting the pool open and says it should be ready next week which will be good, finish exercising and fall into the pool.


  1. Broad beans are my husband's favourite, I'm not so keen myself although I did try them raw last year, straight from the garden and much preferred them that way to when they are cooked. We're still waiting for our first crop from the garden this year (unless you count garlic.)

  2. Broad beans in parsley sauce - yum! Don't envy you the 91° though, it's been a pleasant low 60s here, just nice.

  3. Just back from our trip, and had dinner last night with a cousin that had butter beans, black eyed peas and okra from their garden. Yummy fresh "fruits of the garden"...


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