Friday, May 9, 2014

We've Been Golfing, Sort Of ...

What we actually did was go down to Jacksonville, FL to see the TPC (Tournament Player's Championship) at Sawgrass.  It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive from here.  The weather was beautiful, but way, way, way too hot.  We don't play golf, but do enjoy watching it.  Our favorite golfer is Phil Mickelson who often finds himself in the trees,  a predicament we can identify with.  We followed him through 3 holes including my favorite the 17th, a hole that sits on an island.
Sawgrass is a beautiful course, lovely trees, lots of water and huge crowds.
17th Hole

Our Lunch site overlooking the 16th hole

Frequently while watching golf on tv we'll hear some idiot yell, "Get in the hole!", as if the golfer was aiming for the water or a sandtrap.  We always assumed it was some 20 something clueless male and sure enough that's exactly who it turned out to be.
Dotting the golf course are hospitality tents put up by different organizations to give the paying customers a respite from the heat.  We visited the Birdies For the Brave tent for lunch.  It is for all active duty military, retirees and their guests.  Lovely lunch, really nice people.
We had gotten there early hoping to beat most of the heat and by early afternoon we were once more on the road.  A wonderful day.


  1. We're watching this tournament on TV each evening. Watched the one at Hilton Head as well, it was fun thinking 'I've been there'. As for the 'Get in the hole' idiots I'm surprised they aren't thrown out. I could throw things at the screen when I hear them.

  2. At the Master's Tournament in Augusta they take their entry ticket away and throw them out if they yell like that. I wish every tournament did. We're going to try for tickets to the Pebble Beach Pro/Am for next year. We try for Master's tickets every year, but never get them. Went to the Masters years ago when we lived in Augusta.

  3. Mick enjoys watching golf on tv, I don't, though I have to say, I think I'd enjoy watching more in person in Florida in beautiful weather with hospitality tents to visit.

  4. It's exciting to go, but you actually see better on tv.


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