Thursday, May 15, 2014

New (To Me) Technology

Isn't is a cutey?
I'm not particularly a Luddite, but I do tend to be a bit slow to adopt new technology.  I've had a personal computer practically since they came out, but I was slower to get a cell phone (hate phones) and even slower to get a Kindle Tablet.  I work out each day using a DVD attached to my tv and music provided by a small disc/radio player, very low tech.  But as the weather has gotten warmer I've had to stop working out in the family room because even with the blinds on the lower windows closed the upper windows let in too much sunlight.  Plus the fact that this room has 20 something foot ceilings and an eastern exposure which means it's one of the first rooms to heat up in the morning.  Nice in winter, not so nice in summer.
Our bedroom on the other hand only has 10 foot ceilings, faces west and we have a portable air conditioner in there---hate cooling off the whole house when we only need to cool one room.  There is no tv there, hate tvs in the bedroom, so I broke down and bought a portable DVD player with a swivel screen.  That took care of the need for a tv, but I still needed music (plus we were thinking about when we travel and I was going to need something smaller than a portable cd player), so I decided to get an MP3 player.  I know they've been around forever, but I'd never owned one so I went to trusty Amazon, read a number of reviews and ordered one.  I'm blown away by the sound quality.  It's so tiny, just 2" by1.5", I just stick it in my pocket.  I've been using the new set up for 2 days now and because the room is so much cooler I've been able to work out longer which is good.  The only problem I've run into is the earbuds that came with the MP3, they're just too big for my little ears, they hurt and they fall out.  Mac has loaned my a small pair of headphones and though the sound isn't as good they feel so much better.
So I've finally entered the end of the 20th century and soon I'll be ready for the 21st.


  1. I do have an mp3 player, but I know I could put music on my phone so I only have to carry one thing around with me, I just don't know how to do it though. I'll have to ask Daniel or Eleanor to show me, it's taking quite some time to learn how to use all the features on my phone.

  2. You're totally a woman after my own fact I would go further and say I am a luddite. or wish i could be. people who know me well are actually amazed that I do a blog, I'm amazed too and it probably takes me twice as long as anyone else. I hate talking on the phone, our home phone is a black hole. I often have to call my kids at school for help on something as small as doing a screen shot. Congrats on your cutie phone!!!

  3. My son uses his MP3 player a lot, my husband has some tunes on his but has forgotten how to add more. I have a radio plus CD player in car. I take my hat off to you!

  4. We have a very old iPod that we use for music but I think the last time we used it it gave up the ghost. I really only listen to music on the radio so I'm definitely in the 'slow on the technological uptake' gang.


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