Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, she's been gone for 21 years now, but will always be in my thoughts.  Her life was never easy, born in rural Oklahoma, raised in poverty and tried to see to it that life for her children would be better.
It was not till I was an adult that I really appreciated her and how hard her life must have been.  A heavy smoker she died much too young.  But seeing her struggle gave me the strength to quit and I thank her for that, she was so happy that I'd quit.
She loved reading, people watching, crossword puzzles and old Hollywood musicals.  Indian Love Call with Nelson Eddy  and Jeanette MacDonald was among her favorites.
One of my Aunts told me that when she first met my Mother she looked like a young Susan Hayward (an American movie star from the  40's and 50's ) with soft white skin and auburn hair.
I wish I had known her better, but by the time I was an adult and old enough to appreciate her Mac was in the Army and we were always a half a world away.
I hope that I made her happy.


  1. The UK and Ireland celebrate Mothers Day on the last Sunday in March.

  2. Your mother certainly does resemble Susan Hayward.

    My parents were from rural Oklahoma and poor. I was conceived in OK but born in 1941 in CA.

    My mother died 23 years ago of cancer, she was 79. I miss her too.

    Thanks for sharing your mom with me.

    When I was a little girl we camped at Yosemite National Park, and each evening after sunset, they would push fire over a dry waterfall, and play the Indian Love Call. I never forgot that.

  3. She does look like a young Susan Hayward - she was so so pretty and i love her make-up and jacket,everything about her! Wasnt it sad how everyone was encouraged to smoke back then? My parents smoked like chimneys and thankfully gave up

  4. What a beautiful post you've written for a very pretty lady.

  5. What beautiful eyes, and she looks as though she had a sense of humour. I hope you had a happy Mother's Day yourself! :)

  6. Your Mom was lovely, it's sad that you weren't able to see much of her when you were grown up.

  7. Hi there

    Slowly slowly getting round to visit all the lovely people who stop by me and especially left comments on my post about work being hard. Thank you for that.
    Your mother looks beautiful in the photo and sounds like so many women of that time who just had to get on with life. My nan was much the same even though she was bombed out in the Blitz, lost everything when thieves ransacked the bombed houses and her husband hardly ever worked due to depression. She took her seven kids to the countryside and set up home in an old hanger on an air base. Women then were amazing, but I think we'd be the same for our kids if we had to.
    I found it sad when you said you didn't really know your mum, I think that's the case far too often, certainly is with me.
    Lisa x


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