Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Notes On a Lawn

While mowing the lawn and my brain wandered, thoughts, mostly random, flitted across my mind.

•  I'm glad weeds are mostly green, they fit in well with the rest of the lawn

•  Don't smile while mowing, you end up with a mouthful of grass, leaves and love bugs

•  Thank you neighbor for bringing your dog to walk on my lawn, it's much more attractive than the 2 acre empty lot next door

•  If I use any gear but 1st on my new lawn mower it about yanks my arms out of their sockets

•  Deer flies travel as the same speed as the lawn mower and are able to bite you as you crawl along

•  Avoid mowing near the bee trees they're full of, yes, your guessed it, BEES

•  But it does look nice when it's done


  1. It looks excellent, and I enjoyed your "Lawn Notes"

    Growing up I mowed our clover lawn with a push mower barefooted and would experience at least one or two bee stings. However, the cool grass on bare feet was worth the sting. Tough feet of a kid.

  2. I find lawn-mowing particularly conducive to thought, especially creative thought. Unfortunately I no longer have to mow any lawns....

    Watch out for those bees! :)


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