Saturday, May 3, 2014

This is Bad!

I cleaned the keys on my piano today, how pathetic is that!  Just because my piano tuner is coming next week I decided they looked dirty and I didn't want him to think I was eating while I played and was a bit of a slob, well, I am (a bit of a slob), and I admit that I eat while I play, but the keys weren't that bad.  I mean who cares what the piano tuner thinks, he's a bit strange himself.  I can understand polishing and dusting the piano, but the keys?  Bugs was laughing his a** off at me.


  1. I know quite a lot of people who feel that they have to clean before the cleaner comes - a bit counter productive really:) At least you were cleaning something that won't get done over again when the piano tuner comes.

  2. Funny! Mind you, I cleaned our Scrabble tiles recently - which my partner thought was a bit bonkers!

  3. We should probably clean things like that more often than we do (surfaces we touch a lot). So an extra excuse to do it is really just a good thing!

  4. Pretty piano. Ours got so sticky, it wouldn't play. The the piano teacher fired us and narry a sound has emmited from it since


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