Saturday, November 8, 2014

Is It Really Saturday?

Last thing I remember is going to vote.  Well we've turned the country over to the Republicans, can they make an even bigger mess?  We shall see.
My allergies are going strong and just wipe me out.  In addition to itchy, dry eyes, I have itchies everywhere, no energy and the inability to focus.  So I've just sort of floated around this week.
The cat was out yesterday, under supervision, and still managed to take off.  We looked everywhere for her and Mac finally found her in the far corner of our yard where a beaver has been taking down trees again.  With her stripes she blends in well.
So today I told her she couldn't go out unless she had her harness and leash on, that tends to slow her down a bit, and she pouted like a 2 year old, knocking things down, meowing at us, whining, being a real pain in the patooie until Mac took her out.  She didn't want her harness,  but she got it anyway.
I've been doing nothing but watching silly videos on YouTube.  I'll leave you with one.


  1. Of course, the chickens. After they hadn't voted, of course. Too late, too late.

  2. I had terrible allergies as a child and young adult but they more or less disappeared after I had children, I don't know why, but just lately they're back again. They're driving me mad so I sympathise with you completely. It's no fun at all.


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