Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Urge For a Big Honking Hamburger

The original reason we were heading into Savannah Tuesday was not to buy a piano, but rather because I've had the urge for a big honking hamburger.  Not a Xerox thick
McDonald's burger, not a greasy 5 Guys burger (complete with information on the steer's homelife), not a $15 cheese, bacon, pepper, guacamole gourmet burger.  No I wanted a big, thick burger with onions, lettuce, tomato and mustard on a good bun.
So we were heading to The Olympia Cafe on River Street because not only do they have great Greek food (calamari so tender it melts in your mouth), but they do a killer hamburger for $5.00.  And watching them cook was like a scene from Saturday Night Live (think the Olympia Restaurant skit with  John Belusi), you know, " Cheese burger, cheese burger, no chips, Pepsi, no Coke."
And it was great!  Had a Greek salad with it and if we'd have remembered how big their salads were we'd have shared one.
Next we need to hit the Middle Eastern cafe and Carleones.  Ah, Savannah, you do have good food.


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