Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day

A happy Veteran's Day to my veteran retired M.Sgt. Mac Gutierrez and to all veterans everywhere.  I remember it well when you got your draft notice, it was the height of the Vietnam War and I was scared to death you'd be sent there.  
We were married on a Friday night in front of our family and friends.  Three days later you went to take your Army physical and a short 2 months later you were called to active duty.  I acted brave, but inside I was so scared, couldn't imagine my life without you.  
You went through basic and then they you sent to Georgia for further training, I followed you there and lived in the worst old trailer, thrilled to be with you.
As it turned out you didn't have to serve in Vietnam, you were sent to Korea instead.
After that you asked me if I'd like to go to Europe, that if you reenlisted we could go to Germany.  And that's what you did.  I followed you for 21 years, from California to Georgia, California to Germany, Germany to Texas, Texas back to Germany, Germany to Colorado, Colorado back to Germany, Germany to Georgia, Georgia to Turkey, Turkey back to Georgia.  What an incredible 21 years.
I was always so proud of you, still am, my Mac who could do anything.  Enjoy your day.


  1. What a wonderful post. (And what a cute guy!)

    Thank you for serving, Mac. And Janet, thank you for following and supporting him!

  2. We will always thank those who have served. xx

  3. Wonderful story of your 21 years. Love the picture.

    Thank you for your service.

  4. No wonder you followed him from post to post - a handsome man, indeed, and a brave, dedicated one at that.

  5. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful man and a strong, vibrant union between husband and wife.


  6. Aw, that was sweet! He's for a little of that Elvis smirk. :-)


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