Saturday, November 1, 2014

Old Lady Rant Time

Rant #1:  I'm sick of political ads on tv, they have a very adverse effect on me.  If you run negative ads it will turn me against you.
Actually if I see a political ad I mute it or turn the channel.  If I want to know about a candidate I look him/her up online and research their  history and agenda.  AND DON'T CALL ME it just makes me mad.

Next rant:  Charity.  I give to the charities of my choice on a regular basis.  I know who I want to support and how much I want to send.  One charity got dropped from my list because they started calling me up and  trying to shame me into giving more.  Now I give them nothing and they are a worthwhile charity, but I don't like their methods of soliciting donations.

Enough ranting, have a nice weekend.


  1. Ix-nay on the political ads. Tuesday can't end too soon. I understand it stays 7:30 on the west coast an extra three hours. Sigh.

  2. I agree although I try to cut charities some slack as they need to raise money somehow. I won't take people trying to make me feel bad though,

  3. We have to keep our landline phone because of our phones to England, and we are being driven CRAZY by these political ads!
    And I also hate the ones on TV!!
    Be glad when its over!
    (Hey, I have old lady rants all the time...I guess they were young lady rants when I was younger! LOL)

  4. I love a good rant, mine or anyone else's.

  5. I react much the same way. We don't have quite the same tradition of political ads on TV here but there were some attempts this last election and they just annoyed me and absolutely have the opposite effect as to what I assume to be intended. And it's the same with phone calls to sell things etc.

  6. Sometimes you just have to let things out don't you! I am being forced to eat up the Halloween candy leftovers too, as you say, just to keep them from going bad.......... xx

  7. Rant #1 - Agree
    Rant #2 - Agree
    Luckily in England political ads are not allowed till just before election time but the charities always pull out all the stops around Christmas time in the mistaken belief that we all have money to spare at this time of year!
    Keep on rantin'!!!

  8. Not keen on pushy charities either. My husband texted a donation for some TV campaign and since then the charity seems to have got hold of our details and kept ringing up. So he now refuses to have anything to do with them.


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