Friday, November 14, 2014


Savannah is such a pretty city though we tend to take it for granted and have not visited as often as we should.  We only live about 15 miles from it and yet it's been forever since we've been downtown.  So on Tuesday we spent the afternoon there, Mac got his piano, I got my hamburger and we both enjoyed a beautiful November day.
We walked along River Street, saw a huge, and I do mean huge, container ship, a pirate ship (El Galeon de Andalucia) that's here for 10 days as part of it's sail down the east coast from Maryland to Florida , the World War II Memorial and actually found the spot where General Oglethorpe first came ashore when he came to found the colony of Georgia in 1733.
Great weather for November, in the mid 70's and lovely blue skies.  Behind the container ship you can catch a glimpse of Hutchinson Island that sets in the middle of the Savannah River.  It has the Savannah Island Trade and Convention Center and the Westin Savannah Harbor Resort.  In the new year Georgia's legislature is going to consider allowing gambling there, that would be interesting and good for tourism, but this is such a conservative state I doubt if it will happen.
Huge container ship

Pirate ship

World War II Memorial
Where General Oglethorpe landed


  1. Some really interesting pictures. The war memorial is quite different to anything I've seen before x

  2. Lovely pictures, and I'm so excited about your Piano Bar.

  3. Those containers fascinate me. They're just your little company's one little container to fill for a shipment to somewhere. Then a truck picks it up and takes it to the dock and it's just another lego in the stack until it's unloaded and sent off to your customer.

  4. Interesting pictures specially the pirate ship - how elegant and graceful it is.

  5. That container ship does look as if it is loaded with giant Legos! I loved Savannah in past visits and your photos make me think I need to visit again. Maybe we can meet up for a burger.

  6. The war memorial is very unusual, I haven't ever seen one like that before. xx

  7. Ever since seeing the film, and especially since recently reading the book, I've wanted to visit Savannah; hopefully one day I'll make it there as it looks great from your photos. And I'll have to try one of those burgers too!


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