Monday, November 17, 2014

Strange, Strange Weather

We're under 2 very different weather warnings today.  We're under a tornado watch this afternoon.  It's quite warm here, should hit about 78ª this afternoon, about the time a rather large cold front that has brought snow to the midwest gets here.  And we all know what happens when warm air meets cold air, wind and tornadoes.  Hope the front gets here before it gets any warmer.
Then tonight, thanks to the cold front, we're under a freeze warning.  Last night our lows was in the 60's, tonight it's supposed to be around 25ª.
We need a little moderation here.

We're just below Savannah on the coast


  1. Whenever you get snow and bad weather over there it seems to end up over here a few days later.

  2. I read of your freeze warning. I'm enjoying the snow, but not the freeze.

  3. The weather is obviously having a mad moment, snow earlier than ever in some places and record high temperatures in Australia in some places too! I hope that your weather is more settled now. xx

  4. That does sound like very unstable weather conditions. Do take care!
    I hope things settle down soon.

  5. I hope the tornadoes didn't materialize. Our weather has been crazy, too, with snow and subzero temps coming way too early. Stay warm tonight!

  6. Hi Janet, I'm in your group for 5 on Friday, and thought I'd say 'Hello'! Your weather does sound up and down. I hope your the tornadoes didn't materialize. I'd rather the cold & snow than tornadoes ... and we did get the cold & snow. Enjoy your weekend. I'm now following along with you :) Wendy x


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