Monday, November 3, 2014

It's Monday

Yes, it's Monday, have I be doing anything fun. No!!! I've been crawling around on the floor putting a shine on the wood floors.  They look great, me, not so good.  So it's time for something completely different.
I'm heading upstairs, which I cleaned the heck out of over the weekend because we haven't been up there in months, way too hot up there in the summer.  But now it's warm and cozy.  I have a puzzle I've been working on FOREVER, a Christmas project laying next to the puzzle, some Christmas fabrics I need to sort out, and Lord help me, I'm going to wrap some Christmas presents so I can sort out what I've bought already and so I don't have a mass of them to do at Christmas time.
Tomorrow is election day.  I've tried to ignore it, didn't think I'd even vote, but several candidates have annoyed me enough that I find that I must go and vote against them
Enjoy your week.


  1. Lol, when in doubt I vote against the ones who annoy me as well x

  2. We're cleaning this weekend, when the construction is done. I hope.

  3. I hope that you had some time not cleaning today and enjoyed yourself. xx


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