Saturday, January 9, 2016

Can't Even Imagine

Holy Smokestacks Batman, PowerBall is over $900,000,000 for tonight's draw.  We hardly ever buy lottery tickets, but Holy Moly, that's a lot of Tootsie Rolls, so we bought some.   They're saying it's possible it may hit a billion before it's through.
What in the world would you do with that kind of money?  Buy a new house, set your kids up for life, give to charity, disappear?

Experts say that you should:  

Sign the back of the ticket to keep others from claiming it
 Stay anonymous if you can, some states make  you come out in public to collect, being known as a winner can be dangerous for you

 Before you claim the money assemble a money management team that
  includes a financial advisor and an accountant and find out what their 
  fees are upfront

Don't spend the money for at least 6 months, take your time to think 
 about how to use it    

So, to my fellow Americans, have you bought a ticket?


  1. Thank you for this advice, it would be great if I ever get to use it though! :) Good luck!

  2. I was going to buy 3 tickets but it is too hard to get out.
    I have thought about it and I would go to a health club/resort ? to work on walking and my weight.
    Put some money aside for later and some for the children and then give the bulk to Veterans and Animal support groups.
    Oh and a bag of Tootsie Rolls ! I love them.

    cheers parsnip and thehamish.

  3. Funny, it was a huge huge rollover here, too. I sometimes buy a ticket online but the website was so busy, I couldn't even sign in. I guess I don't need to worry about how to invest the cash. Good luck to you! x

  4. As Christina said, a huge rollover here tonight, we got a ticket, so if my some chance - exceedingly unlikely, the odds are many many millions to one - I will heed your advice! Good luck on your lottery! Perhaps we will both be winners! We will keep the secret to ourselves! xx

  5. No. But it will be interesting to see the outcome. Interesting story (True) about riches. A few years ago, I went into a donut shop to get some donuts for church. There was an old man sitting in the corner, bent over, unshaven, disheveled clothes looking like an outcast and homeless, holding a paper cup of coffee. When I paid for my donuts, I told the cashier I would like to by the old man a donut. She laughed...and whispered. He could by this donut shop and half the town. Looks can sure fool you. He evidently didn't spend his money on clothes...HaHa

  6. Good luck to you. I am always interested in seeing how the winners come forward.

  7. I personally think that it would be much better to have lots of prizes rather than one. It is too much for anyone to cope with and often actually ruins their lives. I believe we have a 57 million pound lottery here tonight, but how much nicer it would be if it made 57 people happier than rather just one.

  8. We bought 3 tickets, one is the winner for sure! I'll take a chance on letting it spoil my life. Will follow the suggestions you gave from the experts as they make sense.

  9. Yes I bought five of them...I am thinking a tropical island and a new red Dodge Charger...I would spend some right away ...six way as for the accountant nope but a bodyguard maybe:)

  10. We had a £66 million pound rollover, I got an email to say I had won a free ticket to next weeks draw! Never mind I would only waste that kind of money!!!!

  11. Thank you, I now know what to do should to win. Oh, wait! I would have to buy a ticket for that to happen!

  12. So if you win, you'll probably never tell us!!! :)


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