Thursday, January 28, 2016

Low Country Picture

I keep meaning to blog about my new header.  It's one of my favorite paintings by Mac.  He painted it a few years ago and it has been hanging on the wall in the family room ever since.    Lots of his paintings get rotated around, but not this one, it always makes me smile.
We had a pictorial book about the Low Country (in this neck of the woods that means South Carolina) and this lady's picture was in it.  I can't remember for sure but I'm betting she was  of Gullah heritage and she's making a sweet grass basket.  The Gullahs, also known as the Geechees are descendants of slaves brought to South Carolina, Georgia and Northern Florida.  We live next to the Ogeechee River, named after them and have visited Sapelo Island (just down the coast from us).  It's an island predominantly inhabited by Gullah people.  If you go over you are given a tour of the island by a resident.


  1. I meant to ask you about it as I love this painting. I thought maybe it was one of the ladies who display their wares in Charleston as some of them are quite colorful. Interesting to hear about Sapelo Island. I will have to visit!

  2. That's a wonderful painting - something inspiring about it. Talented man!

  3. Love this painting! What a talented hubby Mac is! And I love that it represents the sweetgrass basket makers!

  4. It is a very beautiful picture and beautifully painted too! xx

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