Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter in the South

Cold night last night, down to 31º and only in the 40's today, but so, so pretty.  Beautiful blue sky.  Hoping the frost will kill some of the things that are causing my allergies without doing my other plants any damage.
So many things in  bloom, spring will probably be a bust.
The Jasmine that grows around our pool

The Camelis Tree has outdone itself this year and is covered in blossoms

One of the many Lantanas, should have dropped all its leaves, but instead it's blooming.

We call it the Shamrock plant, can't remember its real name, but it's gone rogue and is growing everywhere.

The climbing white rose

Azaleas, months too early

More Lantana

Supposed to go down to about 30º tonight, so bundle up.


  1. Beautiful flowers X I love jasmine

  2. Beautiful! It seems that plants are all off all over the place this year! xx

  3. I miss all my roses in my last home. Your are so lovely.
    I love lantanas, they grow in Tucson.
    hahahahahahaahahahaha the shamrock plant has gone rouge !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Our azaleas are blooming, too. And the yellow jasmine except I didn't know that was jasmine until you just told me!

  5. Cynthia,

    it's Carolina's state flower, called Carolina Jasmine. Later we'll have white jasmine and that's Japanese Jasmine.

  6. Lovely to see some flowers - but perhaps not so good for you if they are arriving early.

  7. So you're having an early Spring too? The weather is certainly very weird, although it's lovely to see those blooms from your garden.

  8. Our spring flowers are coming up here thinking it's the right time but it's far too early for some. Your flowers are lovely - a wonderful burst of colour.


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