Saturday, May 28, 2016

Our Weekend Forecast

The Beaufort area in South Carolina is going to get the brunt of Tropical Storm Bonnie, but the Savannah area is going to get up to 5 inches of rain by Monday.
Hope folks don't have too many outdoor activities planned.
We had our first rain this afternoon, just barely got the clothes off the line.
So I stayed in, no swimming, worked on my puzzle, it's almost done, I'll finish it tomorrow and burn it.  It's been a bugger.


  1. I heard about the storm headed your way on the news tonight. I hope you will be safe. Take care,Pat xx

  2. Stay safe, hope Tropical Storm Bonnie does not hit your area too hard.

  3. That's a lot of rain in such a short time. Hope you and Mac stay safe.

  4. It sounds like a weekend for indoor activities, I think you've got the right idea hunkering down with your jigsaw. Stay safe.

  5. I think staying indoors may be the right thing to do!
    Good luck with the puzzle ...

    I'll save a bit of Roast Beef for you LOL!

    All the best Jan

  6. Have a good weekend, in spite of the wet.

  7. SO sorry your weekend is wet and rainy. IT is an early start to storm season.

  8. Not good news on the weather front, stay safe and enjoy your indoor pursuits.


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