Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday in the Swamp

Beautiful Sunday here in the swamp, but oh so humid!!  They promised lower humidity, but they lied!! After all the rain this week most of our tomatoes are dying, can't believe it, Mac has worked so hard and he doesn't even eat them, he grows them for me.
Busy morning hanging out laundry, putting laundry from yesterday away, cleaning parts of the house I've been avoiding and now it's exercise time.
Learned a new German word: haustier and I should have recognized it because I know haus is house and tier is animal.  It means a pet.  Already knew kuh (cow), pferd (horse), hund (dog) and katze (cat).  Also learned spinne (spider) and biene (bee).  The last one is kind of important because I'm allergic to bee and wasp stings, so I need to learn the word for wasp too.
Had to stop and go exercise, but now I'm back with a question.  One of the songs on my MP3 today was Shotgun Rider be Tim McGraw.  Now in this country if someone calls shotgun we know exactly what they mean, they want the front passenger seat.  So my question is, does riding shotgun have the same meaning in other countries?


  1. As a person who lives in Germany, I most definitely know the word Haustier - as we have one :) a beautiful cat named Molli. I wish you and wonderful Monday and I am now following your wonderful blog :)

  2. I learned German at school but as we know that was a long long time ago:) I do still know some of your words though. Riding shotgun to me brings visions of a stagecoach with a man sitting beside the driver to protect everyone from bandits, highwaymen etc. So a similar meaning I think. Poor Mac losing all his tomato plants:(

  3. Don't know the answer to your question, sorry. But do know that humidity is something I just can't tolerate.

  4. It certainly does for me here in England.

  5. The humidity here in Florida is pretty high, I was out planting a few flowers and almost passed out!

  6. Riding shotgun means the same here in the UK. I do hope Mac manages to save the tomatoes, they're fussy things to grow from seed, they need nurturing and potting on until they're ready to go out so it would be a shame for all his work to go to waste.


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