Saturday, May 7, 2016

Need Some Suggestions

I'm tired of lugging the canister vacuum up the stairs to clean them.  It's heavy, it falls over and then you have to turn it off and restart it.  Cleans well, but it's a pain to use on stairs and there are about 17 stairs.  I have a lightweight upright, but it  doesn't suck hard enough to clean them.  So I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a handvac, but I want one strong enough to clean the stairs, light enough for me to handle and cheap enough that I don't cry.  I don't mind a corded one because I've always found that the ones you charge never hold the charge for long.  So, any suggestions?


  1. Look at a Dyson Animal stick rechargable. Light , goes anywhere, no cord, strong suction, lengthy charge. Not cheap but was 'a great addition to our modern lifestyle' to quote Wallace and Gromit. Never thought I would wax lyrical about a vacuum cleaner but there you go! 😊

    1. I have a dyson animal stick for the stairs and light vacuuming areas, its great. I have just bought a miele cylinder drag along and it is far superior to my old upright dyson.

  2. We bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner and have never looked back, they are by far the best engineered piece of domestic equipment on the market.

  3. I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner and I really like it. Their customer service is excellent too. I don't have a hand held vac, I just get Mick to do the stairs for me.

  4. I would definitely recommend Dyson, a great company.

  5. I was going to say the Dyson Animal stick rechargable too, but looks like I am too late. I saw that it came out top on a TV challenge covering various cleaners.
    I have a Dyson and a Scandanavian Nilfisk - one I keep upstairs the other downstairs to save lugging them up and down. I can do the top half of the stairs without lugging the cleaner, and the same applies at the bottom. Life is too short to lug heavy cleaners.

  6. ... looks like Dyson is getting the vote!

    Happy vacuuming!

    All the best Jan

  7. I'll chip in here and say that from what I've seen on TV adverts, a Dyson is your best bet - and they are exceedingly good hoovers.

  8. No suggestions for you, but look forward to seeing what you decide on.


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