Sunday, May 29, 2016


As I mentioned in an earlier blog, when we were in England last summer we rented a cottage that we'd stayed in before.
As it turned out our landlord L was a bellringer and we told him that all we knew about bellringing was  that Tristan from the old tv series All Creatures Great and Small used bellringing as an excuse to go to the pub.
L said there was a lot of truth in that because often the bellringers were hefty farm folk who rang the bells and then headed off to the pub for a refreshing pint.
He offered to take us to the church where he rang and let us observe.  So that's how we spent a lovely Sunday morning.
Back home Mac decided he wanted to paint some bellringers in old-time clothes and in the middle of them he put L.
For some reason our camera isn't focusing right and the photos don't do the painting justice.  We sent a copy to L and it amused him.
Here's L in his red vest.


  1. It must have been so interesting to be invited along to watch. I like Mac's painting and I'm sure L does too.

  2. It must have been an interesting experience to watch the bellringers. Nice painting too that will remind you of it.

  3. It is much more difficult to ring bells than most people would imagine - a lovely idea for Mac to paint the bellringers and send a copy to L.

  4. That is an incredible painting.

  5. Wonderful! Is the storm affecting your area? Stay safe, Pat xx

  6. I remember as a teenager sitting watching the bell ringers at our village church, I was allowed up into the tower with my friends as her day was in the choir at the church and also a bell ringer. I remember talk of changes and bobs. Mac's painting is wonderful and reminds me of that time. Lovely to put your landlord in too and send him a copy:)

  7. Lovely painting, and how wonderful to have experienced the morning of bellringing for yourself.

  8. Oh that is just lovely.
    Bellringing is not so easy as it looks (oops I've just seen Rosemary has said that too), but you can't beat the sound of those peeling bells.

    All the best Jan

  9. You're a talented pair.

    I've never heard of deer fly. Happily.

  10. What a wonderful painting. I just love the expression and details of L's face. It must have been fun to have a front seat to L's performance.


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