Saturday, October 15, 2016

Looking a Little Like Autumn

Autumn is coming we can feel it each morning when we go for our walk and there is a bit of rain today.  Always enjoy chrysanthemums, that last burst of color before winter gets here.  We were out shopping yesterday and got some yesterday.  Cheers the front porch up.
Also saw that the stores are starting to look like Christmas, refuse to have anything to do with it this early.
Made some Leek and Potato soup, a sure sign of Autumn even if the temperature keeps saying it's still late summer.

Never remember what kind of a plant this is, but it really comes into its own each Autumn.


  1. Your fall plants are so lovely. I believe that plant is called croton. Enjoy your evening, Pat xx

  2. I love the little Autumn arrangement..

  3. I don't do Christmas in October either. Looks like they could wait until Thanksgiving, at least, before putting every out for Christmas. Gosh, I had a lot of looking back on your blog to catch up...your trip, Matthew, all the fallen trees. You really did have a mess to clean up. I enjoyed your pictures from Japan, and seeing your daughter too.

  4. Lovely photos today Your porch looks nice, no trees and branches all over.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Croton is your mystery plant, up here they are house plants. The Mums are beautiful! I don't like the rushing of the season either:)

  6. Beautiful autumn colours.

    As for Christmas, I'll talk about than as early as 15th December.

  7. Beautiful Autumn colour, they are certainly lovely plants. I don't like to see all the Christmas displays so early. I do start my Christmas crafting early as I don't like the stress but that is all.

  8. Mick's uncle arrived yesterday morning with an armful of chrysanthemums for me that he'd grown on his allotment, they're absolutely beautiful. He keeps me well supplied at this time of year. It's definitely autumnal here now, the leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees and it's certainly much cooler.

  9. Your flowers are lovely, such beautiful Autumn colour.

    All the best Jan


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