Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday in the Swamp

A rather warm, humid day, supposed to be nearly 85º today, much too warm for mid-October.  Doing tons of laundry today, it seems to pile up on me and I worry that Miss Kitty is cross-dressing and adding to the piles.
Mac is in the backyard cutting limbs off one of the trees that was blown down and dragging them into the woods.  Once I've cooled off from hanging out clothes I'm off upstairs to start cleaning it in hopes that we'll soon be able to use the upstairs again.  Long about May we stop going upstairs, too hot and I'm too cheap to run the air conditioner up there as well as downstairs.  But it's supposed to be in the 70's this weekend with lows in the 50's so that should help cool it off up there.
The tv room upstairs is actually our favorite place to watch tv.
Plus my craft room is up there and it is

looking terribly distressed so I need to get going.
Film at 11.

I got everything cleaned up except for vacuuming.  My lower back said only if I was feeling particularly stupid.


  1. A lovely room for crafting now that it is starting to cool down.

  2. A lovely craft room.. unfortunately I don't have that much space in my house to create craft space.. :)

  3. We don't use our upstairs except for company and a train set and a bunch of antiques that I have to dust. I know those cleaning up feelings...I have to do that before company comes:)

  4. wonderful to have such a lovely room for crafts. All of us would die to have so much room to ourselves.


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