Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Back to Japan

I'm tired of Matthew and I'm really tired of cleaning up after him, so let's head back to Japan where our daughter took us to see the Buddhist temple at Sasaguri called Nanzoin.  It is the home of  a huge reclining Buddha, measuring 41 meters long, 11 meters high and weighing 300 tons. Rumor has it, according to our daughter, that the local priest hit the lotto and had the Buddha made for the shrine, it only dates to 1995.
The whole complex was amazing and I wasn't surprised to learn that it receives more than a million visitors a year.
A few, snark, of the photos we took there.

And the Buddha


  1. Hope you're able to keep your spirits up. You've had quite a high and low in just a few months, what with the wonderful trip and terrible storm. The Buddha is fascinating.

  2. Wonderful post today. Did you buy a charm from the monks ?

    cheers, parsnip

  3. The photos were a delight to see, I am hoping one day to visit Japan.

  4. The Japanese have an lovely sense of design mixed with quirky features too - the Buddha is enormous, much bigger than I had imagined.
    It must be difficult clearing up after Matthew for you and your neighbours, but also a sense of relief that your property has remained intact.

  5. So nice to have these wonderful memories to take your mind off the clean-up for a little while. Now that's a big Buddha! Love all the pretty gardens and water features. x Karen

  6. Wow, I can see why you'd need a lottery win to finance that, it's huge. Lovely photos.

  7. Thank goodness you have the memories of Japan to take your mind off the clear up for a bit. It must have been an amazing holiday. I've just been watching a new series by Joanna Lumley in Japan. It looks such a diffferent place. Can't wait to go. B x

  8. That was a horrible what you said about Matthew, I am disappointed.

  9. Lovely photos! Happy Thursday ♥

  10. nice and scenic pictures from Japan.. I never visited the country... I would love to visit...

    Please visit:
    I'm following you.. will you follow me back please.. :)

  11. Hello there ... I've just been catching up on your 'Matthew' news and your wonderful trip.

    What a mixed few weeks you've had, I'm sure things will settle down again.

    I do like seeing and reading about your trip.

    Take care

    All the best Jan


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