Saturday, October 22, 2016


Worked in the garden today in a cloud of mosquitoes.  It was really bad, they even tried to bite our hands as we were spraying ourselves.  Had to spray our clothes as they attempted to bite us through them.  Since Matthew they have really gotten bad, the county needs to come around and spray.
A lot of progress in the garden, but more to go.
Mac has drained out pool, it was damaged in the storm and we'll be putting a new one in after the first of the year.
Today is Mac's birthday and he has requested sweet and sour spare ribs so I'm off to do some cooking.  We've even got little Chinese food boxes, like from a restaurant, to eat it out of.  We'll watch an episode of Big Bang Theory while we eat because they're always eating Chinese food.  No chop sticks will be used as we''d actually like to food to reach our mouths.


  1. Ha ha, I have the same problem with chopsticks. Happy birthday to Mac.

  2. Happy Birthday Mac !
    Please post your sweet and sour spare rib recipe. Love the little boxes what a great Birthday Dinner.

    Let There Be Cake !
    cheers, parsnip

  3. We shouldn't have to deal with mosquitoes in October!
    I hope your hand is feeling better. I can so relate to the 'clumsiness' that results in such bumps and scrapes.

  4. Goodness mosquitoes - do hope they go (or are dealt with) soon.

    Happy Birthday wishes for Mac.

    All the best Jan

  5. Happy Birthday to Mac, hope you enjoy your celebratory meal, I am no good with chopsticks either.

  6. Happy Birthday to Mac and I second what mamasmercantile said-no good with chopsticks!!!
    The only good thing about living one the IL/Wi border is the mosquitoes die soon. The box-elder bugs seem to do well and love finding new and creative ways to get in the house.

  7. Another one here who struggles with chopsticks, not that I try very often. Hope Mac has a wonderful birthday:)

  8. Happy Birthday to Mac! I hope the mosquitos will be under control soon, a real nuisance and of course there is always the worry of mosquito borne diseases. Keeping my fingers crossed. x


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