Thursday, October 13, 2016

Still to Be Cleaned Up

Mac has cleared the front yard, I helped a little, but he did the majority.  The county had said that if we could get our debris to the street side that they would pick it up.  And lo and behold, they are out there with a big truck and bulldozer picking everything up, I'm amazed.
In addition to the county helping,  The Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief people have been here for days with chain saws, a big John Deere tractor and lots of helpers to give a lending hand.
I very much want to thank my local police department who kept our town safe through this disaster there was no looting.  And an even bigger thank you to my electric company Coastal Electric Cooperative who had our electricity on by Sunday at 5pm.  Our friend who lives 40 miles inland and has a different electric company didn't get his back on until Tuesday evening.
Our internet and tv came on the same time as our electricity and our landline was back on by midday Monday.  What a fantastic job! Water took a bit longer as there was a broken water main.

What's left for us is the backyard.  Mostly cleanup, but there are two BIG trees that are criss-crossed in midair and they have to come down.

The criss-cross trees, probably about 60 feet high, they will have to come down

Fell on the deck, hit the window, but didn't break it

I'm amazed how this tree was torn up, but the statue wasn't


  1. I "feel" every one of those photos! So glad you, too, had minimal damage and are safe. Those power company guys get s lot of kudos from us, too. They worked around the clock in dangerous conditions to do what they could. Today we saw trucks from Sevierville, TN going up the coast to assist and we have had National Guard assistance, too.

  2. Its wonderful to know that everyone is working together to help, tragedy always seem to bring the best out of people. Glad that you are getting on top of all the hard work.

  3. Hooray for local government and local people.

  4. So glad you and Mac are safe after that horrendous storm and that everyone in your community has pulled together and helped one another at such an awful time. Take care:)

  5. It's great to hear how everyone is pulling together. It's such a shame that so many trees have come down but it could have been a whole lot worse.

  6. Nice that everyone is working together ♥

  7. It is very good to know that everyone is pulling together.
    Do please take care

    All the best Jan

  8. Thank you for your emergency list. I've saved it in Word. You never know when you might be faced with a disaster. I live in Missouri and we have tornados.


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