Sunday, December 18, 2016

She's On Her Way

Our lovely daughter has left her home in Fukuoka, Japan and is on her way here.  First she flies to Tokyo, goes through customs and flies for 14 hours to Washington D.C., has a 2 hour layover and will be here tomorrow afternoon around 2 P.M.  It's a long trip and I bless her for doing it.  She's what makes Christmas for us.
Cleaned the house some, usually give the place a good cleaning before having company, but it was too hard to do any deep cleaning.  Lots of good meals planned though and if there is one thing our family likes to do it's eat.
Still wrapping presents and Mac sold 3 more paintings in the last 2 days and they had to be packed up for shipping.  We've gone through most of our cardboard boxes, a couple of rolls of packing tape and all my brown wrapping paper.  There will be no more shipments till after Christmas.
Speaking of shipping, my present to my sister that we mailed last week came back to us on Friday more than a week after we had originally mailed it.  So we had to ship it out again yesterday, hope it gets to her before Christmas.


  1. Exciting times, how wonderful that your daughter is flying so far to spend Christmas with you, wonderful. I am also thrilled about Mac selling more paintings, he is certainly one talented artist. Take care.

  2. What excitement for you both - happy days to you both and your daughter too when she arrives.

  3. Christmas really is a time for families isn't it - I am sure nobody notices whether anywhere is deep cleaned.

  4. You must be beyond excited by now, how lovely that your daughter makes this trip to spend Christmas with you. Daniel and his girlfriend will be home on Friday night, I can't wait.

  5. Here's to a safe arrival for your daughter!

    The mail system seems to get more trying every Christmas. Each of the last several years, one of my packages has gone astray and been "found" by the postal system many days after it should have been delivered. If it were only the same address each year I could switch shippers, but it's a different one every time. Grrr.

    Congratulations on all the painting sales. :)

  6. Bet you can't wait. Do you watch her plane on sky tracker. I do with my boys when they travel:). Hope you have a lovely family Christmas. Enjoy. B x

  7. I am sure you are so excited! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  8. The Postal Service seems to go crazy at this time of the year. One of my co-workers (here in central Florida) sent a package to her daughter in Colorado. She traced it and watched it go from her post office to Tampa, then to Denver, CO, then to Jacksonville, FL, and then back to Denver to finally end up at the daughter's house - just in the nick of time.


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