Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home Again!

We're back from our trip to England and it was wonderful.  Mac had been playing around on the internet and found us a really good deal on First Class tickets and bought them for our anniversary.  Well, I'm here to say I will never, ever fly overseas again unless it's First Class.  Now I knew there was a difference between First Class and the steerage Economy we usually fly, but I had no idea how big a difference!
To begin with they check you in quicker, give you a faster line to go through Security in, have bottled water waiting for you, and then quickly begin serving orange juice, Mimosas or champagne which continue to flow until everyone is aboard.  Your seat is huge!  If you're by the window the seats are single, in the middle there are just 2 seats, that's where we were.  You have a lovely quilt to warm you, a full-sized pillow for your head, a goody bag with tooth brush, tooth paste and other little necessities, Bose headphones, a large individual screen with free everything.  Warm mixed nuts and drinks were given to keep us going till dinner.  For starter I had a crab and avocado croquette and Mac had this and French Onion soup, then came a salad followed by our entree, I had a lovely rare steak and Mac had grilled Halibut, for dessert there was a chocolate ice cream sundae and Mac had a cheese board.  All of this was served on china with real silverware.  And did I say the wine kept flowing?  Finally we slept, our seats completely reclined like a bed, it was wonderful!  Before landing in London they woke us up  to feed us our   breakfast that included a croissant, fruit, cereal, juice and individual jars of jelly or honey. Upon arriving at Heathrow we were given Fast-Passes to get us through Security quickly, and that was fast!  We were also given passes to a hotel where we could shower and freshen up before beginning out stay.
At each airport, and we went through 3,  we were allowed to use the Sky Club where food and drinks were available, free of course. and you could await your flight away from the crowds.  The one at Heathrow in London was wonderful, we used it after checking in on our return trip and they had a buffet breakfast all set up.
We were pampered the whole way, and if we didn't eat and drink enough the stewardess's became concerned.
Now First Class within the States isn't like this, yes you get better seats and free drinks and snacks but it just doesn't compare.
The only blimp along the way was that when we got back to Jacksonville, Fl (that's where we flew from, not here in Georgia) our bags didn't make it.  Boston had shipped them to Jacksonville via Washington D.C. and they wouldn't be in till later, so Delta set it up to have our bags flown up to Savannah and then delivered to our house, and the next afternoon they were there.  What a trip!  Will tell you about England next time.


  1. Well thank you very much for the enlightenment as to first class and economy. I have only ever done short hops, so have never needed the extra. Not that we shall ever do long haul because Mrs H dislikes flying - we would have to go the slow way by sea :)

  2. Oh Janet, first class sounds bliss. Like you I never knew what the differences were. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  3. For the last few years I've flown Business class on long haul flights and it's a different world. The trouble is that, as you say, once you've done it you don't want to go back to flying Economy!For the 11 hour flights to South Africa it's worth every penny though.


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