Saturday, September 3, 2011


 I'm afraid that since retiring I have become a bit like Violet, Dowager Duchess Grantham, who upon hearing someone saying they would come on the weekend, asked, "What's a weekend?".  I know the feeling, for retirement means every day is the weekend, though for some reason, I can't imagine why, Saturday and Sunday are noisier than other days.
We actually don't do as much on Saturday and Sunday, we generally wait for other folks to go back to work so we can have places to ourselves.
I can remember loving to sleep late on the weekend and now I have the luxury of sleeping late every day, and I've got to tell you that I haven't gotten tired of that  yet.  I love not waking up to an alarm clock.  I don't  rush around on Saturday doing laundry, cleaning house, grocery shopping and then Sunday starting to get ready for the work week again. Saturday and Sunday are just 2 more days to do exactly what I want.


  1. I stopped working in mid-July (courtesy of a nice package) and I am loving not rushing around to get things done on a weekend. I actually LIKE getting up early now!

  2. Jake, thanks for stopping by, I'm not a morning person, never have been, always said that if I could teach night Kindergarten that would have been ideal,

  3. For us too every day is a weekend day and like you and Mac we tend to stay in and potter and go out for walks and visits etc in the week when people are back at work and school. Gone are the days of trying to do all the housework and shopping on a Saturday as are those dreaded 'work again tomorrow' feelings every Sunday:)

  4. I am almost inclined to agree with you, except that during the last month our weekends have been exceedingly busy.
    The majority of our friends and associates are still working and when they have an event it is scheduled for a weekend; so during August we had either two or three events every Saturday & Sunday. Thank heavens it is September and we can rest and return to normal.


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