Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Time to Leave Lee

Bit of a micro burst from Tropical Low/Storm/Depression Lee yesterday afternoon, snapped off some branches, bent the trees every which way, and worst of all our electricity went out.  It was out for about 2 hours, and though we opened every window we could, the ones with screens on them, it was very hot and muggy.  I was very grateful that it wasn't out any longer.  And feeling very sympathetic towards those who went without electricity after Irene.
Today is very windy and cloudy, and we're not even really in Lee's path, this is all just sort of residual.  The red areas on the map are tornado watch areas, which means conditions are right for tornado formation, but none have been reported so far.
We've talked before about buying a small generator, one large enough to run fans and the refrigerator, and when we were at the grocery store last week we noticed that even they were selling them at a fairly reasonable price.  So I'm thinking that's something we might look into because even after Lee leaves there are two more disturbances brewing out in the south Atlantic.

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