Friday, September 23, 2011

Why We Go

There are a number of reasons why we've been to England so many times, more than 30 visits I think :
the scenery
the history
the people
 the pubs
 the archeology
And this trip allowed us to enjoy all of the above.
Though we've spent some trips dedicated solely to visiting standing stones, henges, barrows and other such sights, now we just try and visit  one or two on a trip.  Last year we went to the White Horse and Waylond's Smithy, this year we walked out to Avesbury.  I love Avesbury and I hope it never becomes as popular as Stonehenge, that they don't decide to enclose it with a fence so you can't touch the stones.  I always need to touch the stones, to feel them, and usually to leave a little something from our part of the world.  This year I left a seashell.
Wagon and Horses

Love the Hops Over the Bar
We had lunched at the Wagon and Horses, a great 400 year old  pub we'd eaten at before and enjoyed.  Mac had lamb and I had a luscious steak baguette.  The walk from there to Avesbury is about a  mile or so, passing a pair of stones out in the middle of a field, through a bit of farmland and then through the small village itself. While walking through the village Mac spotted a little garden feature covered in Ladybugs, what a great way to take care of garden pests.
Lovely walk, perfect weather, middle of the week so not many people there, perfect.  Mac drew and I did a small watercolor.  I don't buy postcards anymore, I have my paintings instead.


My Watercolor of Avesbury
It was an almost perfect day, one that will stay in my memory a long time.


  1. I love your litle watercolour. Don't you find that by painting, we emboss the memory in our mind forever, much more so than a click of the camera.

    I love your report of this visit and I agree it is a pity Stonehenge became so protected, perhaps it was necessary but would change the feeling from when I visited. Have you been to Newgrange in Co Meath Ireland - at solstice it is wondrous
    Helen x

  2. The authorities are hardly likely to put a ring fence around the Avebury stone circle and village, especially with a main road going through the middle.

  3. I think your watercolours are delightful

  4. Helen, we have been to Newgrange, but not for the solstice.
    Heron, I never trust the authorities! I can imagine them making Avebury a guided tour only.
    Annie, thank you!


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