Sunday, September 4, 2011

In Which I Become a Weakling

I've always prided myself on being active, walking every day, doing some exercise, taking care of the house and garden.  This summer wiped a lot of that out, oh I still walked every day, but the exercising, until this week, has been very sporadic, and my house is so dusty I'm surprised the cat, who has allergies, doesn't write, "Dust this place!" on the tables,  And the garden is so overgrown you could play Hide-and-go-Seek out there.
 This week though I've done some exercising, cleaned a bit more house and spent several days out in the garden pulling weeds.
The exercise and house cleaning went ok, but after a day of pulling weeds my shoulder hurt so bad that Mac had to rub "horse" liniment on it.  Stiff, sore, after just a few weeds, I'm embarrassed, I need to get my act together, leave the computer and stay more active or I'm going to rust.


  1. My shoulders have become rather vulnerable--weeding, using a paint roller, even hauling garden house around--pathetic!

  2. Staying active is high on my list of priorities but with things like gardening I go for little and often when I've not done any for a while - in the Spring especially. You can then work up to doing a few hours at a time again. My back has been a weak point ever since my 30s so I've learned to pace myself - changing jobs so you are standong rather than bending etc. Hope the aches and pains soon go anyway.

  3. I sympathize - I've knackered my knee! Now I walk like my Grandmother did with her bad knee!


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