Thursday, September 13, 2012

Best Part of Traveling

When we were coming through Passport control Tuesday the Officer looking at our passports asked where we'd been and the purpose of our visit.  Mac said we'd been to Spain and I said the purpose was to eat.  He laughed, but it was true.  One of the best parts of traveling is trying the food.
Spain makes it easy with their daily menus that include 2 courses plus wine/beer or water, bread and desssert.
Mac is a much more adventurous eater than I am, but between the two of us we had some good meals. The restaurants had a lot of regional specialties like  perdiz (quail), robo del toro (ox tail) and venado (venison).  Mac didn't have the venison, but he had both of the others.  We learned a new word for bean, judia, I'd always used the word frijole for bean, but they used judia for both green beans, judias verdes and pintos, judias pintos.  Mac had the green beans with ham (judias verdes con jamon) one day while I had the green peas (guisantes, and I even remembered that word and not guisanos which means worms!) with ham.
He had Paella a couple of times including once with teeny, tiny crabs in it.
Every restaurant had Gazpacho which is not a regional soup, but I hate tomato soup cold or warm, so none of that was had.
Our 2 favorite dishes involved Chorizo our favorite Spanish sausage.  Mac had a dish of pinto beans with chorizo that had been cooked down to stew consistency (delicous) and I had Chorizo Hornado, baked chorizo and they were beyond wonderful.
In the apartment we kept olives, fresh loaves of crusty bread, manchengo cheese and various salamis.

Baked Chorizo

Roast Chicken and Lomo (pork)

Scrambled Eggs With Green Beans


Paella with Crabs
Perdiz and a Steak

Pinto Beans with Chorizo
Chocolate and Churros

Each night we'd sit on the rooftop terrace and enjoy.

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  1. Wow, the chocolate looks amazing - thick and rich.

    Yes, travelling is ALL about eating! Someday we hope to go to Spain (Mr. M's grandmother came from there). I love Spanish ham, and paella. And I'm with you on tomato soup. Ugh.


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