Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My new header picture is a painting Mac did a few years ago, he painted 2 of them and sold one.  It's from a photo in an English magazine we use to take (In Britain, England?).  When I saw it I knew it would make a great painting.  It hangs in our livingroom to the side of my piano and I love looking at it.
I'm dedicating this painting to Mrs.Micawber who bike rides every week and wears me out.  This Sunday she did 60 miles, oh my!


  1. That's a charming painting, the kind I'd love to have on my wall too.

  2. That painting is gorgeous :) My bicycle is very similar to that - however my legs don't do 60 mile rides! 6 max!

  3. What a lovely painting - Mac is so clever x

  4. Can you tell I'm working backwards in my blog-reading (and commenting)?

    Great painting - and thanks for the shout-out. :)


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