Friday, September 14, 2012

Really Home

How do you really know you're home from vacation?  Easy, your washing machine dies.  So I get to go and buy a new one, not sure what brand except I know it won't be Frigidaire.  I've had problems with this washer from the git go.  Within a year of purchasing it the agitator broke and since then it has started to rust inside.  Do you think that might be from coming in contact with water?
And now it's leaking water all over the floor.  If I could throw it down the garage steps (that's traditional with things that have driven us crazy) I would. But a friend wants it, says he can fix it and put it in one of his rental properties---good luck to him.  I can't wait to see the back of it.


  1. Lucky renters! (ha ha)

    My nephew and his wife came home from their 3-week honeymoon to find that the upstairs toilet had been running the whole time they were gone. It overflowed, caused a piece of the bathroom floor and the kitchen ceiling to fall out, and flooded the downstairs.

    Despite the washer, happy homecoming. :)

  2. That is annoying! It happened to us once when we came back from 2 weeks in Italy. I put the first load in and the machine started to puff out smoke! The one we bought to replace it lasted over 15 years and moved with us twice so I couldn't complain when it gave up the ghost a couple of years ago:)


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