Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I went in for my quarterly exam on my eyes, and being blind as bat I'm always apprehensive, but they're doing well, which is a sigh of relief.  Then I had to go  to the DMV to renew my driver's license and this time I had to have a vision test  so I had my Doctor fill out a form for me saying I could actually see.  Mac's license expires next month so he decided to renew his too and save us a trip.
New year, new laws, had to bring 2 proofs of citizenship (we brought our passports and medicare cards) and  two proofs of address.
When we arrived the  DMV was packed to the rafters and we had visions off spending the day there, but glory be we were out in under a half hour, passed my vision test with flying colors and await my new license.
It's a good day!

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  1. That's good news. Wow, those are some extensive ID requirements.


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