Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Despite all the help from Miss Kitty I'm beat.  Why is wrapping presents more tiring than buying them?
I love shopping, online that is, I hate going out in person, it's always so crowded and you see the same old thing in every store.  Online I can shop all over the world, much more fun.
Shopping for Mac is always the hardest, not because he's fussy, he's not really, it's just that what he wants most is books.  Specifically books by P.G. Wodehouse, books about Jeeves and Wooster, ones he hasn't read.  And I'm sorry, outside of resurrecting Wodehouse that's just not going to happen, so I've been looking for substitutes.
But the wrapping's almost done and though I'm glad, Miss Kitty says she could do it all day.


  1. What about a book about P G Wodehouse for Mac? A Life in Letters is one.

    I shop online too - I haven't yet wrapped my presents, I dread it too but it is satisfying when done.

  2. I love PGW.

    I'm not so keen on people who have their presents wrapped before I've bought most of mine, though...

    Thanks for your mother comment. x

    (Always turkey here, though not for the veggies among us.)

  3. Cats do like to join in all the fun don't they? I had 'help' writing the cards and wrapping some of the presents - still haven't got them all! I do find it quite tiring though as it is something I don't like doing:)


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