Friday, December 14, 2012


The scents of Christmas are something that have always made me happy, bringing back childhood memories.  It's why I love a real tree, and after debating whether to have one or not this year, I'm glad to say that after nearly 2 weeks our Douglas Fir is still filling the house with its lovely piney smell.
Another scent I love is the smell of gingerbread, so yesterday the annual gingerbread making began.  I'd planned on frosting them, but in a fit of cleaning a week or so ago I cleaned out my spices and threw out anything I couldn't remember buying, figuring they had to be WAY beyond  their sell by date.  I intended to replace them when next I shopped, but I didn't and now I have no vanilla, so no frosting, nor will I get a head start on my sugar cookies.
I did mix a little powdered sugar, butter and water to at least give some of them a face, though most of them turned out to look like Mr.Bill.
By the way, I looked up to see if vanilla is classified as a spice, it is, and is the second most expensive spice ranking behind saffron.

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