Thursday, December 20, 2012

Who's Been Naughty?

Normally Miss Kitty is pretty cool about Christmas.  She doesn't climb the Christmas tree, doesn't play with the ornaments, doesn't tear the bows off the packages, just gives everything a good look and going over.  Some years she finds one of her packages and decides that's where she'll lay and rest.  But that's about all.  Not this year.  Before I wrap packages they're stored on the floor of my closet and she always goes through them (I mean this is her house and everything that comes in must be inspected) just to see what's going on and because she loves boxes.
This year she found one of her gifts still in an Amazon box, opened just enough so that I could see what it was.  When she found it she wouldn't leave it alone, tried to tear it out of the box.  So I put it on the top shelf until I moved it upstairs for wrapping, yes I'm one of those sad people who wraps presents for their pet.   I thought that was the end of it and after I put it in a gift bag I put it under the tree with the other presents.
But that wasn't the end of it, she found the bag  and tore a hole in it, so back upstairs it went to a closed bedroom.  Mac wanted to get a picture of the damage and decided to take Miss Kitty with him to see what she would do--well the pictures tell the story.

Mac wanted to know if the gift had catnip in it and it does, but normally Miss Kitty doesn't give two hoots for catnip, so we're not sure what's going on.  The present will stay upstairs till Christmas morning.  We 're curious to see if she'll be as fascinated with the unwrapped toy as she has been with the wrapped one.


  1. I've been missing my blog-hopping time, and I wanted to pop in with a quick hello. I've been missing you. I hope you are having a very, very wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas, friend.

  2. Happy Christmas to you all, including Kitty!


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