Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Before and After

We got our Christmas tree on Monday the 3rd of December, that's late for me, I usually can't go pass the 1st without buying one.  Then with one thing and another I didn't have a chance to start decorating it until today.  I'm not quite done, but I'm getting there.

As you can see we decided to buy a real tree, a Douglas Fir, this year and put off getting an artificial one until we're too feeble to carry a real one in.  The last few years we've bought a Fraser Fir and they absolutely don't drop their needles, but they have no smell.  The Douglas Fir is shedding like a long-haired cat, but it smells divine.
This year's model is shorter than we usually get, but it's shape is almost perfect, and boy is is thick.
I don't put glass ornaments on our tree, just resin ones.  With a cat you just don't know what they'll decide to do.  Miss Kitty has  always been  good, but as a precaution we always tie the tree up, for in years past we had a cat who climbed up the trunk of the tree and swatted ornaments.
So I'll sweep pine needles each day, but enjoy the smell as I do it.


  1. The scent is well worth the work, I think. What a nicely shaped tree! I need to go out this weekend and get ours.

  2. Okay, now you've gotten that done, jump in your car and drive up here and put mine up, would you? That's a dear, thank you!

  3. J. acquired a 'fake' tree last year--I was unimpressed. With space at a premium and 3 half-grown kittens milling about, I"m not sure if we'll decorate this year. Its not high on my list of things to do--I can enjoy neighbor's lights and all the lovely holiday things my blog friends have done.


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