Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Taste of Autumn . . . Finally

It's a picture perfect day here today, low HUMIDITY, with temperatures, wait, never mind the temperature, we have low HUMIDITY today.  Mac has been working feverishly outside, whacked back the overgrown weeds, and plants that have been acting like weeds, yes wisteria and lantana I'm talking about you.
I even got out there today and pulled weeds by the handsful out of my flowerbeds, hope the weather holds 'cause I have a lot more to pull.
Mac made a perch for the owl that April gave him as a present last year, he was in the garden, but now he has a perch next to the garage.
Our cat is laying in a pool of sunshine, she's normally hiding out in the darkest, coolest spot she can find so you know it must feel good.
Sort of a paella today, chicken, shrimp, rice and lots of saffron.


  1. I adore paella, hope it was good - I've had toast!!

  2. I have the weeds here too, and I hope to get some of them this week. I pulled a few tonight and watered the flowerpots because everything is so dry.

  3. The owl is so cute!! Hope that it is another low humidity day today and that you can enjoy being outside again. xx


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