Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An Old Lady Rant

Let me start this rant by saying I don't dislike children, my Mother assured me that I was one once, and we had one of our own.  But that being said I never ran over anyone with her baby stroller, I never dragged said stroller  into overcrowded museums, tube cars, Harrod's, theatres, etc.
The sidewalks of London were difficult enough to manuever through without being run over by baby cars being propelled by "parents" who were more interested in their cell phone conversations than their children.
We were overwhelmed by them and crying babies everywhere.  Mac swore that there was a quota for crying children and every floor and every corner had to have at least one.
There are places small children (under the age of 5 and babies) don't need to be.  There is little air conditioning in London, the museums and other tourist sights were hot,stuffy and very crowded.   I was uncomfortable, the children were miserable.  For the most part they had no idea why they were there (a mother holding her about 4 year old son up so he could see the WWI letter and explaining the war to him) , didn't want to be there and made this point very vocally.
When our daughter was very young we often travelled with  a babysitter because we knew that many of the things we were going to do and see were of little interest to her.  When we didn't have a baby sitter we ate in shifts each taking a turn in the room with her, spending some days doing activities that were meant for her.
When she got older, understood what she was seeing we took her more places, but I never ran over anyone with her stroller, never took it into crowded places and never kept her out late at night.
I'm just an old lady, but if I could I'd ban baby strollers from crowded areas and just like you have to be a certain height to ride some rides and a certain age to see some movies, I'd put restrictions on certain sites, particularly at very crowded times.
Unloading and setting up one of these things appears to take more planning than D Day did!


  1. Young parents with children are excessive in many places we would like to be. You'd think baby boomers would overwhelm them, but no.
    On the other hand, Brits complain about the damn backpacks the tourists thump them about with.

  2. What are they thinking??? That's the problem...they're NOT.
    Good Rant!

  3. I get increasingly annoyed at the sight of parents talking on their darned mobile phone whilst not paying attention where they're going with their children and their strolers - it's not sociable behaviour towards others and certainly not towards their own children. And what of parents who thrust their stroler in front of your car, forcing you to slam on the breaks, so they can cross the road instead of waiting? Agree with your rant! (sorry for mine!)

  4. I totally agree about parents talking on their mobiles while pushing a pushchair, they should be talking to the child, not the phone!!! I have also seen some people who seem to like to drive their children straight at you with their pushchairs, I have no idea why they do this. xx


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